Services are provided by Rittal Oil

1. On-site Services

Rittal Oil provides customers with on-site services, maintenance, monitoring, control and adjustment of product quality during operation with clear documents and reports sent to customers as result control cards and attached on each machine.



2. Equipment supply service.

Rittal Oil provides hired service and sales of monitoring and control equipment. These measuring tools and devices allow customers to control and maximize their service life and convenience during machining.

3. maintenance training.

Rittal Oil provides customers with applications and the appropriate coolant maintenance, Can be held at the customer’s factory or Rittal Oil facility.

4. Documentation support.

Rittal Oil provides customers with the necessary documents to ensure product safety.

-MSDS (Material safety data sheet)

-PDS (Product data sheet)

-COA (Certificate of analysis)

-SOC (Substance related to the environment)

-SOC10Substance (Substance related to the environment)

-RoHS, ISO (Standard for limiting hazardous substances) International organization of standards.

Detail Information:

Rittal Oil Thái Lan ( Factory): 50M.9 Soi Taytsabaan 3, Sukprayoon Road, Nongtumlueng, Panthong, Choburi 20160.

Rittal Oil HN : R03.24.12C Kim Van Kim Lu, Nguyen Xien Street, Hoang Mai, District .                 Tel:+8428.3620.6888.

Rittal Oil HCM : A1.05.01, Building 4S, Street No 30, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc District .             Tel:+8428.6683.6006.



Hotline: +84.91.573.6006.