Spindle Oils – Rittal Spindle


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    Characteristics of spindle oils – Rittal Spindle

    Rittal Spindle is a spindle cooling lubricant that is a product of a blend of stable base oil has low viscosity with a balanced composition of multifunctional additive systems to help oil Superior features for cooling lubrication and wear resistance, anti-foaming, help the CNC machine spindle work stably under various harsh working conditions even when the temperature changes.

    Performance Benefits

    • Minimized wear under high load conditions, including those caused by spindle wobble from imbalanced loads.
    • Protects against rust and corrosion.
    • Excellent demulsibility characteristics.
    • Reduces sludge, varnish and deposit formation.
    • Enhanced thermal and oxidative stability.
    • Maintains performance even under severe service and extended drains.
    • Prolongs bearing and spindle life.
    • Reduces system maintenance.rds of Rittal Spindle Oil.
    Product Name Vis@40°C(cSt)  Vis@100°C(cSt) Viscosity Index Flash Point°C Standard
    Petra Spindlexx 2 0.95 80 -DIN 51524 part I, General Electric GEK- 32568

    -Cincinnati Milacron P-38, P-54,P-55,P-57

    10 2.69 105 160
    32 5.64 105 200  -U.S. Military MIL-H-17672D

    Spindle Oils - Rittal Spindle

    Detail Information:

    Rittal Oil Thai Lan (Factory) : 50M.9 Soi Taytsabaan 3, đường Sukprayoon, Nongtumlueng, Panthong, Choburi 20160 .

    Rittal Oil HN : R03.24.12C Kim Van Kim Lu, Nguyen Xien Street, Hoang Mai, District .                  Tel:+8428.3620.6888.

    Rittal Oil HCM  : A1.05.01, 4S Building, Street No 20, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc District.        Tel: +8428.6683.6006

    Website : Rittaloil.com.

    Email : Oilthailan@rittal.com/ nploan@tievn.com.

    Hotline :+84.91.573.6006.