Slide Way Oils – Rittal Way


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    Characteristics of the Slide Way Oils – Rittal Way

    Rittal Way is a type of oil designed to correct problems (sliding, rattling) common in gear systems, skid tables, grooves and moving mechanisms in machine tools without reacting with coolants. Rittal Way specializes in lubricating the working points in gears, slide tables to help the system is optimally protected and always operates smoothly, increasing capacity while working.

    The Property and standards of Rittal Way:

    Product Name Vis @40°C (Cst) Vis @100°C (Cst) Viscosity Index Flash Point °C Standard
    Rittal Way xx 32 5.54 110 200 -Cincinati US CMP-47, CMP 50
    46 7.04 110 200
    68 8.97 105 200
    150 15.10 100 200
    220 19.46 100 200


    Rittal Way

    The benefits that Rittal Slides Way Oils provide:

    1. Low Coefficient of Friction – Excellent “stick-slip” thus smooth sliding under heavy loads and very good wear and tear protection.
    2. Excellent Resistance to Oxidation – Formulated with high quality additives and base oil attaining excellent stability against oxidation
    3. Compatible with RittalChem Coolants – Designed not to emulsifit with water based coolants. It does not split the coolants as do the conventional zinc and sulphur containing way lubricants.

    Detail Information

    Rittal Oil Thai Lan (Factory) : 50M.9 Soi Taytsabaan 3, đường Sukprayoon, Nongtumlueng, Panthong, Choburi 20160 .

    Rittal Oil HN : R03.24.12C Kim Van Kim Lu, Nguyen Xien Street, Hoang Mai, District .                  Tel:+8428.3620.6888.

    Rittal Oil HCM  : A1.05.01, 4S Building, Street No 30, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc district.        Tel: +8428.6683.6006

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    Hotline :+84.91.573.6006.