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Rust Preventive Oils – Rittal Ruststop (6 Months)


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    Characteristic of Rust Preventive Oils – Rittal Ruststop (6 Months)

    Rittal Ruststop are rust preventive oils witih water displacement and fingerprint suppression properties. Rittal RustStop have low odor with excellent corrosion protection including salt protection including salt protection in areas where salt is present such as ocean shipping. They are available with short term and long term storage protection rating.

    Type Product Name
    Loại Film
    Maximum Protection Flash Point
    Moisture Salt Vapor Indoor (Month) ºC


    Rittal RustStop WD6 Oilly film + 3-6 40
    Rittal RustStop WD 6LC Oilly film + 3-6 40
    Rittal RustStop WD 6HF Oilly film + 3-6 80
    Rittal RustStop WD 6NS Oilly film + 3-6 60
    Rittal RustStop WD 6HO Thick oily film + + 3-6 40
    Water Base

    Rittal RustStop SO 36 Oily film + 3-6


    Rust Preventive Oils - Rittal Ruststop (12 months)Rust Preventive Oils - Rittal Ruststop (12 months)

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