Multi Purpose Grease – Rittal Grease


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    Characteristic of Multi Purpose Grease – Rittal Grease

    Rittal Greaseare premium industrial greases designed for heavy duty, high temperature and water-resistant applications. Sinopec Grease are available in various grades to match customer needs, Base oils are selected for specific application criteria as well as the thickener type.

    Product Name  Thicken Type NLGI Grade Dropping Point  EP Load (N) Standard
    Rittal Grease Lithium 0 178 618 -Sinopec SH/T 0535 93-2003( Industry Specification

    -Neimenggu Houlinhe weather Coal Co., Ltd( OEM Approval)

    1 184 618
    2 196 618
    Lithium Complex 1 282 3089 -Sinopec Q/SH303 243-2004( Industry Specification)

    -GB 7323-94 ( Industry Specification)

    -Pan Steel Mine company ( OEM Approval)

    2 300 3089
    3 297 3089

    Multi Purpose Grease - Rittal Grease


    Rittal Grease can be used in various working environments. They offer many advantages over conventional base fats at high temperatures or in areas exposed to water

    Property characteristics
    – Reliable quality for applications at high temperatures
    – Mechanical stability and good oxidation resistance
    – Anti-Corrosion well
    – Quality guaranteed even after a long storage period.

    Detail Information:

    Rittal Oil Thai Lan (Factory) : 50M.9 Soi Taytsabaan 3, đường Sukprayoon, Nongtumlueng, Panthong, Choburi 20160 .

    Rittal Oil HN : R03.24.12C Kim Van Kim Lu, Nguyen Xien Street, Hoang Mai, District .                  Tel:+8428.3620.6888.

    Rittal Oil HCM  : A1.05.01, 4S Building, Street No 30, Linh Dong Ward, Thu Duc District.        Tel: +8428.6683.6006

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