Combination of Metal Cleaner – Rittal Clean


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    Characteristic of Metal Cleaner – Rittal Clean

    • Rittal Clean are solvent cleaning fluids with low odor, quick to dry
    • Used to clean coolant oil, metal fines on metal surface after machining. Remove grease on the surface of metal.
    • No corrosive effect on metal, no denaturation to metal surface
    • High anti-rust properties
    • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
    Type of Solvent Product Name Application Flash Point °C Odor
    Naphtha Hydrotreated Rittal Clean SV 20 Quick dry solvent cleaner -15 Strong
    Paraffins Mixture Rittal Clean SV 34 Low cost solvent cleaner 34 Strong
    Aliphatics Rittal Clean SV 40 General Purpose Solvent Cleaner 40 Mild
    Isoparaffinic Rittal Clean SV 60 Low odor solvent cleaner 60 Soft
    Aliphatics Rittal Clean SV 80 High flash point solvent cleaner 75 Mild

    Rittal Clean

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