Die Release Oil – Rittal Cast 1920


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    Mold release oil for aluminum and zinc.

    Use with high pressure molds


    Rittal Cast 1920   is a water-based Die Casting Lubricant suitable for high pressure aluminum & Zn. It is produced based on special polymer and has excellent release propertie


    It is different depend on small or large parts but it is generally recommend to use 50:1 — 120:1. And it depends on working condition and spray equipment. Tests shall be necessary before applying for mass production to know correct ratio of using for each application

    Performance benefits

    • Excellent thermal resistance
    • Superior Surface finishing of castings
    • Excellent die release
    • Non-Toxic.

    Typical Properties

    Product Name Appreance (20ºC) pH Density (15/4ºC) Brix(%)  Lubricant Carrier Solid Content
    Rittal Cast 1920  Milky White Emulsion  Liquid 8.5-10 0.988±0.05 17±1 Processed silicon polyethylene Water 20-22%

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