Die Lubricant For Hot Forgging-Rittal Forge G6000


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    Character Of Die Lubricant For Hot Forgging – Rittal Forge G6000

    Die Lubricant For Hot Forgging – Rittal Forge G6000 

    Rittal Forge G600 used for hot and warm forging, Steel, Aluminum Copper Alloys. Ammonia free.
    Based on latest generation forging lubricant technology.
    Uses finest particle size graphite – Ensures best forging performance, productivity and die life.

    Normal recommended dilution ratio with water is 1:10 to 15.
    This results in a smooth sprayable composition which is nonsettling. Ratio may be altered depending on the intricacy of the extrusion/forging.
    Spray gun is most suitable for application.
    Product concentrate
    in the container shall be thoroughly stirred before dilution and preferably during operation,
    with low rpm propellers compressed air or other suitable mode.
    Note: Suitable Dual Action Hand spray Guns can be supplied on request.
    (Feeds, speeds and
    type of tooling should be taken into consideration when setting concentration)


    Product Name Appearance Color Density pH Solid content
    G6000 Smooth Black 1.0-1.1 7.0-10.0 28-30%

    Die Lubricant For Hot Forgging-Rittal Forge G6000


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