Combination of Metal Cleaners – Rittal HydroClean


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    Characteristics Of Metal Cleaner – Rittal HydroClean

    • Rittal HydroClean are water miscible cleaners, typically or low pH
    • It is used to clean the surface of metal parts, machines and factory floors
    • No corrosive effect on metal, no denaturation to metal surface.
    • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
    Type of Washing Product Name Application PH Recomendary Use Recomend Temp.
    1 Stage spray wash Rittal HydroClean AK40 General purpose Cleaner with good rust protection 9 Ferrous,Aluminium, Yellow Metal room-95ºC
    Rittal HydroClean AK42 Medium duty cleaner with rust protection 10 Ferrous,Aluminium, Yellow Metal room-95ºC
    2 Stage spray wash Rittal HydroClean AK 60 Medium to heavy duty cleaner 11.4 Ferrous,Aluminium, Yellow Metal 70-110
    Rittal HydroClean AK 62 Heavy duty cleaner 12.2 Only Ferrous Metal 70-110

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