RITTAL OIL is a brand of industrial lubricants, The product is manufactured in Thailand with technology and experts from Japan. In Vietnam, RITTAL OIL is developed by the strategic representative TIE Vietnam, they are the only strategic partnership in Vietnam with many years of experience and a professional after-sales service technical team.
In Indonesia RiTTAL OIL was developed by Mutiara Tama Palem is one of the reputable businesses.

In Malaisia and ​​distributed by PERENNIAL LUBE-TECH

and many other countries.

We focus on the base oil and machining, in recent years we have started developing our own brands.

RITTAL OIL focuses on the manufacture and development of high-class industrial products, specializes in metal cutting fluid, mold release agents, anti-rust oils, metal cleaner.

Our extensive product range meets all metal, plastic and concrete materials